ECHO or the Educational Community for Homeowners is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to assisting California homeowners associations. ECHO provides help to homeowners associations on many fronts: financial and legal issues, insurance, maintenance, and management. Members receive help through conferences, trade shows, seminars, a bi-monthly magazine, the ECHO Journal, and publications. ECHO is an owners' organization. Founded in San Jose in 1972 with a nucleus of five owner associations, ECHO membership has grown to over 1300 association members representing over 100,000 homes.

Board of Directors

The affairs of ECHO are governed by a Board of Directors composed of upto twelve individuals, all of whom must be, at the time of election or appointment, a property owner or a delegate of an ECHO member association in good standing. Terms are staggered such that three or four directors are elected at the annual meeting in the fall of each year. The Executive Director is an ex officio member of the board without voting rights. The secretary is an officer of the corporation without voting rights.

David Hughes

Vice President
Karl Lofthouse

Diane Rossi

Executive Director
Dave Zepponi


A full-time professional staff from one office headquartered in San Jose, California implements operations and administration for the organization.

Executive Director
Dave Zepponi

Marketing Communications Specialist
Priscilla Ann Ornido

Sales Administrator
Jacqueline Price

Office Assistant and New Membership

Shaunisha Beasley


For more information about ECHO and its role in building stronger community associations, please contact us by phone, mail or email.

Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO)
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San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408) 297-3246
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