Deciding Whether or Not to Hire a Construction Manager

Remodeling? Should your association hire a construction manager for your next project? How do you find the appropriate construction management firm? The article below will answer these questions.

Tips for Choosing the Right CM

  1. Look for a firm that has accumulated extensive experience in managing projects similar to yours.
  2. Discuss construction costs and project budget beforehand with your CM.
  3. Confirm that there will be an on-site presence overseeing construction for the entire duration of the project.
  4. Choose a firm that includes community managers in decisions and provides the guidance and expertise necessary to ensure that appropriate and effective decisions are being made.
  5. Confirm that the CM reviews all contracts for both the design and construction work.
  6. The CM should be responsible for securing necessary permits and presenting construction plans to municipal boards, other owners, financing institutions, and outside professionals in order to gain approval for the project.

The Benefits of Hiring a CM

Saves you Time

As the team leader, the CM is responsible for setting priorities and assigning team members with appropriate and specific tasks. The CM develops the work schedule and monitors the team's performance to ensure that deadlines are met and that each team member understands his or her role.

Saves you Money

A smoothly operating construction project will easily produce a return on your investment in construction management costs. It is the CM’s job to work with the owner in determining a fee schedule that is consistent with the project's needs. The construction management Project Manual dictates specific bidding procedures, and advises material quality and installation improvement practices. These steps help to reduce construction costs and lengthen warranty periods.

Gives you Peace of Mind

Construction management helps prevent conflicts of interests between design professionals and constructors, and limits parties’ financial opportunities that can lead to unfair cost increases. A skilled CM should manage and guide the professional team so that project details are carried out with precision and accuracy and the project comes in according to budget, schedule, and your expectations.


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