Hiring a Professional Lead Abatement Contractor

What does an Abatement Contractor Do?

A lead abatement contractor certified by the California Department of Health Services (DHS) will notify OSHA, erect the proper containments, use the proper removal equipment under the required conditions, and properly dispose of the lead-based paint material. This ensures the safety of building residents as well as a safe working environment for the workers performing the renovation/repairs.

Why Hire a Contractor?

  1. Some lead-based hazards may require a more complicated abatement process involving wet scrape, chemical, heat and mechanical removal.
  2. After abatement, contractors will have an independent lab sample the previously-contaminated area to ensure that existing air and surfaces are at or below the safe level guidelines.
  3. Your DHS contractor will have the lead-based paint material profiled after it is removed so that it can be dispatched to the proper disposal facility.

EPA's Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) requires firms performing projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes and facilities built before 1978 to be certified by the EPA (or an EPA authorized state), use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers, and follow lead-safe work practices. Visit the EPA's website on lead for more information.

To learn more about lead paint, please visit “Protecting Your Association from Lead-Based Hazards.”

Adapted from the article, “Got Lead?” by Kim MacFarlane.
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