The New Davis-Stirling: Standardized Rules of Notice and Delivery

Individual Notice or Delivery

"Individual notice" includes notices of disciplinary hearings and annual disclosures. An association may now send documents to individual members by:

  • First class mail
  • Registered or certified mail
  • Express mail
  • Overnight delivery by an express carrier
  • Email or other electronic means [Note: the member must give written consent for electronic delivery]

General Delivery or Notice

General notice includes, for example, notice of board meetings. An association may now give notice by:

  • Any of the methods permitted for individual notice and delivery
  • Inclusion in a billing statement or newsletter
  • Posting in a prominent and designated common area location [Note: members must be notified prior to the posting] Inclusion in closed-circuit association television programming that is utilized by the association for information distribution. 

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