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Does a New Law Override CC&R Restrictions on "Granny Units?"

Several board members are concerned about changes to the California laws that regulate “Accessory Dwelling Units” (sometimes called “Granny Units”). Some are wondering if this law applies to HOAs.

6 Elements of a Successful Monthly Meeting

Every HOA president has the same common goal: to make the monthly homeowners meetings less scattered and more productive. For this president to reach his goal of shorter, more efficient meetings that still allowed homeowners to air opinions and the board to discuss, debate, and take action on various issues, he streamlined how and what they did. 

HOAs Fall Off Politicians' Radar in Times of Election

Elections are just around the corner, meaning it's all about politics this year. More to the point, it’s all about Republicans and Democrats. This is the season of the candidates, the issues, and the Parties. We hear everything about illegal immigration, the economy, and the war. But what about HOAs, which house millions of Americans? Why aren't community associations represented?

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