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Political Rallies in the Clubhouse? SB 407 is Now Law

SB 407 permits residents of HOAs to sponsor meetings and invite the public to assemble inside the development to discuss “common interest development living, association elections, legislation, election to public office, or the initiative, referendum, or recall processes.”

East Bay Panel Update - Director Liability

What did we learn at the East Bay Panel? A recent court case narrows the protection of the "Business Judgment Rule" for board members just a little bit more. 

Does a New Law Override CC&R Restrictions on "Granny Units?"

Several board members are concerned about changes to the California laws that regulate “Accessory Dwelling Units” (sometimes called “Granny Units”). Some are wondering if this law applies to HOAs.

Boards Have a New Obligation to Stop Discrimination

The Fair Housing Act prohibits the HOA boards from discriminating against protected classes. But changes to the Act now require the board to intervene when third parties discriminate.

From the Treetops

Every person, from homeowner to lawyer, represents a unique perspective. As a board member, each perspective demands unique attention and can push you in different directions. In this series, we will examine some common issues facing HOAs, identify a variety of important perspectives, and use information from industry experts to offer a comprehensive view.

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