Water Conservation Now Mandatory for California Residents

As we enter another hot, dry Californian summer, Governor Brown is taking immediate action to drastically improve our state’s conservation efforts. For the first time in recorded state history, conservation is now mandatory for all residents.

Remembering Dorothy

It is with great sadness that we must share the news of the passing of our friend Dorothy Kopczynski. For over 33 years Dorothy worked at the heart of ECHO as a steadfast employee and a wonderful and loving friend to all who knew her.

6 Elements of a Successful Monthly Meeting

Every HOA president has the same common goal: to make the monthly homeowners meetings less scattered and more productive. For this president to reach his goal of shorter, more efficient meetings that still allowed homeowners to air opinions and the board to discuss, debate, and take action on various issues, he streamlined how and what they did. 

HOAs Fall Off Politicians' Radar in Times of Election

Elections are just around the corner, meaning it's all about politics this year. More to the point, it’s all about Republicans and Democrats. This is the season of the candidates, the issues, and the Parties. We hear everything about illegal immigration, the economy, and the war. But what about HOAs, which house millions of Americans? Why aren't community associations represented?

ECHO Supports HOA Claims in Architectural Lawsuit

ECHO was instrumental to the court ruling on the Beacon Residential Community Association vs. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The court held unanimously that principal architects can be liable to the eventual buyers of a development. 

HOA Life: What's Your Story?

Every day we hear from HOA members who share the same struggles. When they call, sometimes their first comment is "you've probably never heard this before." Well we have. And so have you. Share your thoughts, and let's make our community a little bigger. If you live in an HOA, you have a story to tell and insights to share.

From the Treetops

Every person, from homeowner to lawyer, represents a unique perspective. As a board member, each perspective demands unique attention and can push you in different directions. In this series, we will examine some common issues facing HOAs, identify a variety of important perspectives, and use information from industry experts to offer a comprehensive view.

Log In, Get Connected

You've found the ECHO website, and now you want to log in and see what's available. If your association is already a member, logging in is simple: read on for instructions. If you or your association is not a member of ECHO, please consider membership or sign up for a free trial membership.

Thank you, Walnut Creek!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday at the Walnut Creek Educational Seminar. We haven’t held a seminar in Walnut Creek for some time, and were delighted to see such a large group of homeowners willing to come out on a Saturday for HOA education.


Welcome to the redesigned ECHO website, and to an exciting new chapter for ECHO. If this is your first time visiting, we hope you will look around at some of the information we have to offer. We are passionate about homeowner association education – education that is difficult to find and desperately needed among California homeowner associations.


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