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Nominate your favorite association or board member for ECHO's 2018 Association Awards! We award the Homeowner Association of the Year and the Board Member of the Year to honor California communities and board members who do exceptional work in their homeowner associations and support board education.

2018 will be our 2nd year recognizing some outstanding members of the ECHO community, and we will present the awards at the ECHO Annual Seminar on June 16th. Please take a moment to nominate a deserving board member or association through our nomination form:

2018 Association Awards Nomination Form

2017 Award Recipients

Association of the Year: The Villages Association

The Villages Association of San Jose joined ECHO in 1992. Their board oversees the governance and maintenance of 2,309 condominiums in 12 different “Villages,” each unique in its architecture and built at different times over the past 50 years. As a result, they have faced numerous governance and maintenance challenges.

The Villages Association has responded to these challenges, committing to education for generations of board members. Representatives from their various districts (each has its own District Advisory Committee) and members of staff have attended every ECHO Annual Seminar for the past 25 years. Currently, the Association Board of Directors is developing new, forward-thinking policies for member-initiated solar installations.

The Villages Association is an extraordinary community of dedicated homeowners and board members - deserving recipients of ECHO’s first Homeowner Association of the Year award.

Board Member of the Year: Ann Marquis-Fisher

Ann Marquis-Fisher is the president of the Deer Oak Association, and has served on their board for the past 20 years. She is dedicated to the job: after bringing her association into ECHO in 2007 and attending multiple ECHO seminars every year, she now serves as the Chair of ECHO’s East Bay Resource Panel. Her commitment and energy have helped build the East Bay Panel into a growing and vibrant group.

We deeply appreciate her service both to her community and to ours, and we are delighted to name Ann Marquis-Fisher as ECHO’s first Board Member of the Year.


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Congrats to all the 2017 winners, and i wish to know how to submit my application for the awards.
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I'd be interested to know if anyone has nominated the 2017 recipients for this year as well?
Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and participation!
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It's always good to recognize those who have put in hard work. Congrats to the award recipients and cheers to ongoing success!
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Heartiest congratulation to all the winners. You have done a great job.
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Heartiest congratulation to all the winners. You have done a great job.
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