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Tree care companies come in a wide variety of sizes and skill levels, and choosing the right one for your project can be challenging. Should you go with the established, TCIA-affiliated tree care company? The Certified Arborist with a chipper and a small crew of Certified Tree Workers? The gal with the chainsaw and the pickup truck? All of these are easy to locate and easy to hire, but price isn’t the only thing that differentiates them from one another.

How does an association select the best bid and the right contractor? Don't stop at price and quality: investigate these 5 policies before you hire a contractor and save your HOA money on avoidable litigation.

Associations, like all other businesses, are required to file taxes. Here is a brief summary of 8 tax reporting and filing requirements for your association. 

Rain gutter screens offer the hope of reduced maintenance. But our experience from installing and removing gutter screens for over forty years indicates that sometimes they actually do reduce gutter system maintenance but usually they do not. Installation of these screens often costs more than the resultant saving in maintenance expense. Gutter cleaning when screens are present costs more than cleaning of unscreened gutters, and screens are usually damaged at least a little with every cleaning.

To amend your HOA's governing documents, you must begin by developing and presenting the amendments to the members. And sometimes, when a vote cannot be obtained, associations can use the judicial relief tool, allowing a court to authorize amendments and other “corporate” approvals

How much barking is too much? What constitutes a noise nuisance? Boards of directors need a basis for determining valid noise complaints from unreasonable ones. Associations should adopt definitions in their governing documents regarding troublesome animals

The rules that define contractor or employee relationships are confusing, involving common law, employment law, and tax law. These 20 questions will help you determine whether your HOA service provider is really an independent contractor.

Budgeting in condo associations and other HOAs takes planning: gathering the right disclosure documents, anticipating rate changes in utilities and insurance, and following the Davis-Stirling Act. Get started with all the right information.

Small associations are often undercutted as having less problems than their larger counterparts, but this is far from the truth. With less members comes problems finding board members, paying assessments, hiring management companies, and the list goes on. Find out the issues every small association has to face