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Painting and construction are expensive, but HOAs can save money by performing some or all of the work during the rainy months.

All board members know, whether they’ve served for a month or a decade, the frustrations of parking restrictions. This article discusses the difference between private and public street parking as well as the steps to take for a lawfully authorized tow to help your HOA better understand its parking rules and rights.

Published in the ECHO Journal, January 2009

5 Steps to Improve your Meeting Minutes

The minutes of a community association are always extremely important. An association is a business, and like any other business it protects its history, preserves and maintains the records and protects itself from possible liability. The secretary needs to be well organized, and committed to the association’s future.

Trees are beautiful, but they can cause headaches for homeowners association residents and board members. Disputes related to view obstruction, mess, and property damage can all spark legal problems. Learn what California law has to say about trees in HOAs.

“Every director shall have the absolute right at any reasonable time to inspect and copy all books, records and documents of every kind and to inspect the physical properties of the corporation of which such person is a director.”

- Corporations Code Section 8334

Emotions can run hot in HOAs, and both boards and owners are occasionally tempted to say nasty things about one another. But words can spark lawsuits, and both boards and owners should know what they can and can't say in order to avoid serious liability.

Published in the ECHO Journal, August 2009

Homeowners in your association may be interested in upgrading their property to energy efficient windows. However, for HOAs that have not established guidelines in their CC&Rs for window replacement, this can be a big problem. Find out how to create standards for your community to follow for window installations, to ensure consistency in the style and appearance of your association

Can the HOA remove a director for unpaid assessments? Prevent a member from using the pool because of a rule violation? Yes. Here's how.