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2015 Legislation - AB 1448 - HOAs Banned from Restricting Clotheslines

Updated on 7/6/15: AB 1448 requires HOAs to permit the use of clotheslines in backyards, and allows the association to place reasonable restrictions on the installation and use of both clotheslines and drying racks.


Installing New Windows in HOAs: Regulations and Best Practices

Homeowners in your association may be interested in upgrading their property to energy efficient windows. However, for HOAs that have not established guidelines in their CC&Rs for window replacement, this can be a big problem. Find out how to create standards for your community to follow for window installations, to ensure consistency in the style and appearance of your association

§4765 - Modification Approval Procedure

  1. This section applies if the governing documents require association approval before a member may make a physical change to the member's separate interest or to the common area. In reviewing and approving or disapproving a proposed change, the association shall satisfy the following requirements:

§4760 - Permissible Modifications

  1. Subject to the governing documents and applicable law, a member may do the following:
    1. Make any improvement or alteration within the boundaries of the member's separate interest that does not impair the structural integrity or mechanical systems or lessen the support of any portions of the common interest development.
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