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How Good Is Your Management Company?

12 tips for evaluating your current HOA management company or for finding a new one. 

When Disaster Strikes: Emergency Planning for Community Associations

Disasters, natural or man-made, occur with alarming regularity. Without proper planning, small events can become overwhelming and burdensome for a board of directors and the affected HOA members. A current Disaster and Emergency Response Plan is a necessity for any community association.

Who Should Make Decisions in HOAs: the Board or the Members?

Many people have observed that community associations are actually “mini-governments.”  The “citizens” (owners) elect “officials” (directors) to make both small and large decisions affecting their lives and assets.  These decisions relate to property values, membership safety, long-term financial planning, use of property and maintenance of amenities.

7 Common Mistakes in Approving HOA Contracts

Reviewing and accepting contracts is a regular and important requirement for homeowner associations  boards. However I see many boards that make mistakes in awarding contracts for work on association complexes. This article identifies some of the most common mistakes I see—and believe me, I see these every day.

Beginner's Guide to HOA Boards of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Many new board members want an introductory guide that states in one place what are their duties and by what authority do they operate. This article discusses general concepts and law related to the powers and duties of association boards. You should be aware that the law differs between the various states, and therefore a board member should seek legal advice before acting.

Strategic Planning for HOA Board Members

Most successful businesses embrace the concept of strategic planning to drive the direction, resources, and decisions made in the daily course of doing business. A strategy establishes common goals and objectives that guide leadership and unite employees and partners. By guiding your HOA with a strategic plan, you can: make the board’s actions more consistent, schedule projects in a proactive manner to take advantage of pricing opportunities and timing, place decisions required for implementation on an Annual Calendar to have adequate time to prepare, and allocate resources strategically to meet member needs.

Ethics Code for HOA Board Members

Ethical issues occur in everyday administration, management and governance of any homeowners association. In order to navigate these complex ethical dilemmas, HOA board members first need to be able to identify problems of ethics before they will be able to implement an ethical value system. 

Mental Illness and Aberrant Behavior in HOAs

When a resident in an homeowners association exhibits extreme behavior that is criminal or suggests mental illness, the HOA's enforcement system of rules and fines is often completely inadequate. This article looks at the obligations of the board when dealing with aberrant behavior.

Delegating HOA Board Authority

The Open Meeting Act changed the way HOA board of directors conduct business, and the best way to deal with the added responsibility is to delegate responsibility to committees, managers, or members of the community association. However, there are rules to passing off authority, including certain tasks that cannot be delegated

Instilling Respect and Consensus among Board Members

The success of a board depends on the effort members make to work together, no matter how wide the chasm of differences. Every difficult decision a board has to make is exacerbated when board members engage in antics, games, arguments, power struggles, secrecy, exclusion, cliques, and “ego-lympics.” Serving on the board is not about “winning” or losing. When someone “wins”, by contrast, someone else loses. It’s not a competition.


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