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2016 Legislation - AB 1720 - 3rd Party Representation at Board Meetings

The Open Meeting Act requires associations to allow owners time to address the board at regular meetings. This bill would extend that right to any "representative" of a member of the association. The representative may be any 3rd party, including the member's attorney. The bill requires the member to give the association 48 hours advance written notice that their representative will attend, but does not require the member to identify the person by name or as an attorney.

ECHO opposes AB 1720.

2016 Legislation - AB 1720 - Owner Attorneys at Board Meetings

Current law requires the board to permit any member to attend and speak at any meeting, except for executive session meetings. This bill would require the board to permit a person who represents a member to attend board meetings, and would require written notice to be given, as specified.

Electronic Recordings During HOA Board Meetings

Running an HOA Board Meeting: The Open Meeting Act

HOA board meetings are an essential part of running an association. But what exactly does it entail? This article discusses the laws for running your HOA's meetings. 

Attendance at Meetings

Any member of the association may attend meetings of the board except when the board adjourns to executive session.

5 Ways to Improve Your Meeting Minutes

5 Steps to Improve your Meeting Minutes

The minutes of a community association are always extremely important. An association is a business, and like any other business it protects its history, preserves and maintains the records and protects itself from possible liability. The secretary needs to be well organized, and committed to the association’s future.

Notice Requirements for HOA Meetings

Homeowner associations in California must comply with numerous statutes concerning meeting notice requirements. Whether it’s an event that occurs regularly, such as a board or members’ meeting, or an unusual event such as member discipline, HOAs and their boards are faced with an extensive array of mandatory notice procedures. Familiarity with these requirements is an important component in the efficient operation of any HOA, and in avoiding disputes and litigation resulting from a failure to properly give notice.

How to Effectively Facilitate a Meeting

Strong Leadership

Effective board meetings start with strong leadership. While association presidents most often facilitate board meetings, any leader or facilitator may apply the techniques below.

§5000 - Meeting Conduct

  1. Meetings of the membership of the association shall be conducted in accordance with a recognized system of parliamentary procedure or any parliamentary procedures the association may adopt.
  2. The board shall permit any member to speak at any meeting of the membership of the association. A reasonable time limit for all members to speak at a meeting of the association shall be established by the board.

§4955 - Violation of Article

  1. A member of an association may bring a civil action for declaratory or equitable relief for a violation of this article by the association, including, but not limited to, injunctive relief, restitution, or a combination thereof, within one year of the date the cause of action accrues.


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