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10 Tips for New HOA Board Members

New to the HOA board or welcoming new board members? Here are 10 tips to help new board members get up to speed quickly and work effectively.

2017 Legislation - AB 1412 - Volunteer Officers Liability & Address Disclosure

Authorizes a common interest development association, when an owner fails to provide a certain required notice, to use the last address provided in writing by the owner, except as specified.

Extends a certain limitation on personal liability to a volunteer officer or director of a development that is mixed use when the volunteer officer or volunteer director is a tenant of a residential separate interest or is an owner of no more than a certain number of separate interests.

3 Challenges Every Small HOA Must Overcome

Small associations are often undercutted as having less problems than their larger counterparts, but this is far from the truth. With less members comes problems finding board members, paying assessments, hiring management companies, and the list goes on. Find out the issues every small association has to face

Beginner's Guide to HOA Boards of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Many new board members want an introductory guide that states in one place what are their duties and by what authority do they operate. This article discusses general concepts and law related to the powers and duties of association boards. You should be aware that the law differs between the various states, and therefore a board member should seek legal advice before acting.

When Can HOAs Suspend Member Rights and Privileges?

Can the HOA remove a director for unpaid assessments? Prevent a member from using the pool because of a rule violation? Yes. Here's how.

Strategic Planning for HOA Board Members

Most successful businesses embrace the concept of strategic planning to drive the direction, resources, and decisions made in the daily course of doing business. A strategy establishes common goals and objectives that guide leadership and unite employees and partners. By guiding your HOA with a strategic plan, you can: make the board’s actions more consistent, schedule projects in a proactive manner to take advantage of pricing opportunities and timing, place decisions required for implementation on an Annual Calendar to have adequate time to prepare, and allocate resources strategically to meet member needs.

What Happens When Boards Violate the Davis-Stirling Act?

For California homeowners associations, there is no state agency that enforces the law within HOA communities. So what are the consequences when boards don't follow the Davis-Stirling Act?

Ethics Code for HOA Board Members

Ethical issues occur in everyday administration, management and governance of any homeowners association. In order to navigate these complex ethical dilemmas, HOA board members first need to be able to identify problems of ethics before they will be able to implement an ethical value system. 

Mental Illness and Aberrant Behavior in HOAs

When a resident in an homeowners association exhibits extreme behavior that is criminal or suggests mental illness, the HOA's enforcement system of rules and fines is often completely inadequate. This article looks at the obligations of the board when dealing with aberrant behavior.

How to Organize HOA Committees that Work

In HOAs, committees can be either an invaluable resource for the board or an incredible waste of time. But by following some important steps prior to forming a committee, associations can avoid "death by committee" and improve their relationship with the community.


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