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Unforeseen Conditions and Hidden Costs of Construction Projects

It is not surprising to know that in the initial phases of every proposed construction project, it is the first task of the Construction Manager (CM), along with other trained professionals such as the Architect and Engineer of record, to develop projected cost budgets. These are the anticipated costs the project will generate, including such items as labor, material and equipment expenses. In both the constructability review and bidding phases, there is always one aspect of the cost calculation process that can give rise to confusion on the part of the HOA—the “Unforeseen Conditions” line item.

Drafting the Construction Contract for Your HOA

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When Is Contruction Really Complete?

During project closeout, many differing interests and perspectives—some of them conflicting—create a complex dynamic. Pinpointing whether or not construction is truly "over" isn't always a simple, straightforward matter. Numerous individuals and entities have an interest in declaring construction complete. 

11 Essential Clauses for Construction Contracts in HOAs

Board members should be aware of these key contract provisions to include in agreements between homeowners associations and contractors. These terms cover everything from liability to attorney's fees, and give the HOA legal advantages if a dispute, mediation, arbitration or lawsuit occur. Include these clauses to ensure your HOA doesn't

Steps to Managing Your HOA's Major Construction Project

Managing repair or reconstruction in your association requires frequent communication between all involved parties, an established payment schedule, and proper documentation. Learn how to keep your HOA in the loop instead of sitting on the sidelines to make sure the project gets done right. 

Planning and Paying for Major Reconstruction in Your HOA

Homeowner associations are tasked with maintaining the property of the community, and this often entails extensive reconstruction with hefty price tags. Learn how to manage your HOAs money to determine what financing options are available, and how to successfully plan and execute your next construction project. 

20 Questions HOAs Must Ask Before Hiring a Construction Manager

Before hiring a construction manner, your HOA should ask the right questions to make sure he or she is best for the job. Invite each candidate individuall to a board or committe meeting, and interview each prospective construction manage carefully. Remember, you'll be relying on the quality of his or her work to last for at least 10 years.

So what questions should HOAs ask? What qualities should boards be looking for? We've developed a set of questions to help your HOA find the best construction mangager that will suit your community's needs.

Deciding Whether or Not to Hire a Construction Manager

Remodeling? Should your association hire a construction manager for your next project? How do you find the appropriate construction management firm? The article below will answer these questions.

What does a Construction Manager Do?

A construction manager (CM) is a trained professional responsible for operating and overseeing construction processes while acting as a link between the professional team and the homeowner. A CM will independently research existing conditions, required repairs, materials, contractors, construction services and technical experts. Once he or she has analyzed the legal, financial and construction documentation, the CM then counsels the association and the owner on the appropriate course of action as an unbiased advisor.

§5375 - Prospective Written Statement

A prospective managing agent of a common interest development shall provide a written statement to the board as soon as practicable, but in no event more than 90 days, before entering into a management agreement which shall contain all of the following information concerning the managing agent:


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