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2013 Legislation: SB 745

This annual housing omnibus bill contains non-controversial provisions that clean up mistakes within the new Davis-Stirling Act, effective in January 2014.

The New Davis-Stirling: Standardized Rules of Notice and Delivery

Individual Notice or Delivery

"Individual notice" includes notices of disciplinary hearings and annual disclosures. An association may now send documents to individual members by:

The New Davis-Stirling: Annual Reports and Disclosures

Civil Code sections §5300 and §5310 require an Annual Budget Report and Annual Policy Statement, respectively, to be delivered to all association members on an annual basis, replacing the existing budget and disclosure requirements under the current Davis-Stirling Act.

Davis-Stirling Conversion Table

As of January 1st, the Davis-Stirling Act has been replaced by "New Davis-Stirling" - the renumbered and restated version of the laws that govern our communities. Both the new and old versions of the law are available here, on our The Law pages. We encourage you to browse through the new law to become familiar with the new locations of important provisions.

§4528 - Billing Disclosure Form

The form for billing disclosures required by Section 4530 shall be in substantially the following form:


The seller may, in accordance with Section 4530 of the Civil Code, provide to the prospective purchaser, at no cost, current copies of any documents specified by Section 4525 that are in the possession of the seller.

A seller may request to purchase some or all of these documents, but shall not be required to purchase ALL of the documents listed on this form.

§4500 - Ownership of Common Area

Unless the declaration otherwise provides, in a condominium project, or in a planned development in which the common area is owned by the owners of the separate interests, the common area is owned as tenants in common, in equal shares, one for each separate interest.

§4365 - Reversal of Rule Changes

  1. Members of an association owning 5 percent or more of the separate interests may call a special vote of the members to reverse a rule change.


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