Inspectors of Election

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SB 969 - Association Elections

Includes among the permissible reasons for disqualifying a person from nomination as a member of a Board of Directors of a common interest development, if the person has served the maximum number of terms or sequential terms allowed by the association. Requires additional persons to be appointed and overseen by the Inspectors of Election to also satisfy the criteria of who may be an independent third party.

SB 323 - Elections: Felons, Access, and Redress

This bill makes changes to a large number of election-related rules, including: director qualifications, permissible election venues, inspector of elections provisions, member list information, the minimum period between elections, and many more.

§5125 - Location of Ballots

The sealed ballots, signed voter envelopes, voter list, proxies, and candidate registration list shall at all times be in the custody of the inspector or inspectors of elections or at a location designated by the inspector or inspectors until after the tabulation of the vote, and until the time allowed by Section 5145 for challenging the election has expired, at which time custody shall be transferred to the association.

§5110 - Inspector of Elections

  1. The association shall select an independent third party or parties as an inspector of elections. The number of inspectors of elections shall be one or three.
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