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Guide to HOA Management Certifications

If your HOA uses a manager to help run your condominium or townhouse community, that manager should be certified. But what's really in that certification? Find out the differences in experience and training required by the CCAM, PCAM, AMS, and more.

2014 Legislation: SB 1243 - Regulation of Association Managers

Update: This bill was signed by the Governor on 9/17/14. Current law does not require that common interest managers be certified. However, for managers who wish to use the title "Certified Common Interest Development Manager," the law prescribes certain training requirements. The provision that would be extended by SB 1243 is set to expire as of January 1, 2015. SB 1243 would extend the effectiveness of a provision that regulates the practice of common interest development managers until January 1, 2019

§5375 - Prospective Written Statement

A prospective managing agent of a common interest development shall provide a written statement to the board as soon as practicable, but in no event more than 90 days, before entering into a management agreement which shall contain all of the following information concerning the managing agent:

§11505 - Unfair Business Practice

It is an unfair business practice for a common interest development manager, a company that employs the common interest development manager, or a company that is controlled by a company that also has a financial interest in a company employing that manager, to do any of the following:

§11504 - Disclosures

On or before September 1, 2003, and annually thereafter, a person who either provides or contemplates providing the services of a common interest development manager to an association shall disclose to the board of directors of the association the following information:


A "certified common interest development manager" does not include a common interest development management firm. 

§11502.5-Standards for Education and Examinations

The course related competency examination or examinations and education provided to a certified common interest development manager pursuant to Section 11502 by any professional association for common interest development managers, or any postsecondary educational institution, shall be developed and administered in a manner consistent with standards and requirements set forth by the American Educational Research Association's "Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing," and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's "Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures," the Un

§11502 - Certified Common Interest Development Manager Criteria

In order to be called a "certified common interest development manager," a person shall meet one of the following requirements:

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