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§4158 - Managing Agent

  1. A "managing agent" is a person who, for compensation or in expectation of compensation, exercises control over the assets of a common interest development.
  2. A "managing agent" does not include any of the following:
    1. A regulated financial institution operating within the normal course of its regulated business practice.
    2. An attorney at law acting within the scope of the attorney's license.

§11505 - Unfair Business Practice

It is an unfair business practice for a common interest development manager, a company that employs the common interest development manager, or a company that is controlled by a company that also has a financial interest in a company employing that manager, to do any of the following:

§11504 - Disclosures

On or before September 1, 2003, and annually thereafter, a person who either provides or contemplates providing the services of a common interest development manager to an association shall disclose to the board of directors of the association the following information:

§11502 - Certified Common Interest Development Manager Criteria

In order to be called a "certified common interest development manager," a person shall meet one of the following requirements:

§11501 - Common Interest Development Manager

  1. "Common interest development manager" means an individual who for compensation, or in expectation of compensation, provides or contracts to provide management or financial services, or represents himself or herself to act in the capacity of providing management or financial services to an association. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an individual may not be required to obtain a real estate or broker's license in order to perform the services of a common interest development manager to an association.


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