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Switching Your HOA Newsletter to Email

For decades, HOA Boards have communicated news and events to their members using a method developed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 – the hardcopy newsletter. Often delivered monthly to the doorstep of every resident, the paper newsletter has reliably provided a snapshot of information for your neighborhood. But we aren’t in 1439 anymore, and there’s an alternative delivery system that is more timely, interactive, and modern – email newsletters.

8 Rules to Follow When Creating Effective HOA Newsletters

Writing a newsletter for your HOA doesn't have to be a tiresome and fruitless effort. By knowing and applying the rules of design, concision, graphics and photos, audience, etc. of an effective newsletter, you can better reach your community, and bring association issues to the homeowners. 

§5016 - Notices or Reports Delivered as Part of Newsletter or Magazine

A notice or report mailed or delivered as part of a newsletter, magazine or other organ regularly sent to members shall constitute written notice or report pursuant to this division when addressed and mailed or delivered to the member, or in the case of members who are residents of the same household and who have the same address on the books of the corporation, when addressed and mailed or delivered to one of such members, at the address appearing on the books of the corporation. 

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