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Guide to Solar-Reflective Paints for Energy-Efficient Homes

The growing category of "green", energy-efficient paints offers both financial and environmental benefits to consumers. By providing a high return on investment, these paints and roof coatings can greatly benefit large companies to individual homeowners, and everywhere in between

Should Your HOA Consider Painting in the Rain?

Painting and construction are expensive, but HOAs can save money by performing some or all of the work during the rainy months.

Importance of Color Perception When Choosing Exterior Paint

Color plays a bigger part in our daily lives than we tend to realize. When selecting exterior paint colors for your buildings or property, keep in mind the effects of lighting, texture, and surrounding environment will have on the end result appearance. 

HOA Guide to Painting: How to Choose the Best Color and Contractor

Repainting the buildings in your association can be a daunting task, but we've got you covered. Learn how to select the right colors, what finishes to use, how to prepare paint specifications, how to solicit bids, and last but not least, what questions to ask when hiring a contractor, all to get the best job done for your community. 

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