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§4777 - Notice of Pesticide Application

  1. For the purposes of this section:
    1. “Adjacent separate interest” means a separate interest that is directly beside, above, or below a particular separate interest or the common area.
    2. “Authorized agent” means an individual, organization, or other entity that has entered into an agreement with the association to act on the association’s behalf.
    3. “Broadcast application” means spreading pesticide over an area greater than two square feet.

§4785 - Occupant Removal for Treatment of Wood-Destroying Pests

  1. The association may cause the temporary, summary removal of any occupant of a common interest development for such periods and at such times as may be necessary for prompt, effective treatment of wood-destroying pests or organisms.

§4780 - Wood-Destroying Pests

  1. In a community apartment project, condominium project, or stock cooperative, unless otherwise provided in the declaration, the association is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the common area occasioned by the presence of wood-destroying pests or organisms.
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