Rent Restrictions

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AB 670 - Accessory Dwelling Units

AB 670 would void CC&R provisions that prohibit or unreasonably restrict the construction or use of an accessory dwelling unit. However, the bill would permit certain reasonable restrictions.

Rules for Short Term Rentals in Condo Associations

If your association permits short-term rentals (e.g. Airbnb), clear guidelines will help your owners and protect the HOA.

Airbnb in San Francisco HOAs

Airbnb has been a boon to owners looking for extra cash, but an occasional nightmare for HOAs. In San Francisco, the laws regulating Airbnb are growing more complex. What do you need to know?

HOA Rental Restrictions Laws and Best Practices

Homeowner associations may have a number of reasons for imposing leasing restrictions, which can have many benefits, but should understand the laws and management that these restrictions require. The Davis-Stirling Act defines clear rules on the enforcement and practice, and a board contemplating the adoption of a lease restriction needs to consider the burdens it will be taking on.

§4740 - Rental or Leasing Restrictions

  1. An owner of a separate interest in a common interest development shall not be subject to a provision in a governing document or an amendment to a governing document that prohibits the rental or leasing of any of the separate interests in that common interest development to a renter, lessee, or tenant unless that governing document, or amendment thereto, was effective prior to the date the owner acquired title to his or her separate interest.

2011 Legislation: SB 150

Would require associations to permit rentals by unit owners. Applies to governing document provision effective after January 1, 2012.

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