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§1369.550 - Tolling of Statutes of Limitations

If a Request for Resolution is served before the end of the applicable time limitation for commencing an enforcement action, the time limitation is tolled during the following periods:

  1. The period provided in Section 1369.530 for response to a Request for Resolution.
  2. If the Request for Resolution is accepted, the period provided by Section 1369.540 for completion of alternative dispute resolution, including any extension of time stipulated to by the parties pursuant to Section 1369.540.

§1369.540 - Completion, Conduct and Cost

  1. If the party on whom a Request for Resolution is served accepts the request, the parties shall complete the alternative dispute resolution within 90 days after the party initiating the request receives the acceptance, unless this period is extended by written stipulation signed by both parties.
  2. Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 1115) of Division 9 of the Evidence Code applies to any form of alternative dispute resolution initiated by a Request for Resolution under this article, other than arbitration.
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