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Can the HOA Trespass to Correct Violations?

Your HOA board wants to go onto a property to correct a covenant violation. Can you? Even if you have legal authorization, should you? There are a number of risks and (and a few benefits) associated with entering someone else's property to resolve a covenant violation.

Rules for Short Term Rentals in Condo Associations

If your association permits short-term rentals (e.g. Airbnb), clear guidelines will help your owners and protect the HOA.

Tips for 3 HOA Holiday Headaches: Lights, Theft, and Parking

Tips for non-Scroogey ways that HOAs can handle 3 common holiday problems: lights, theft, and parking.

Airbnb in San Francisco HOAs

Airbnb has been a boon to owners looking for extra cash, but an occasional nightmare for HOAs. In San Francisco, the laws regulating Airbnb are growing more complex. What do you need to know?

2014 Legislation: AB 2561 - Voiding HOA Landscaping Rules

AB 2561 would void HOA governing document provisions, such as landscaping rules or bans on commercial activity, that prohibit any homeowner from planting a personal or commercial garden of edible crops in their front or back yard. ECHO opposes AB 2561.

2014 Legislation: AB 2104 - HOA Regulation of Turf

Update: The Govenor signed the bill on 9/18.

This bill would expand the options of homeowners who want to plant water-efficient landscape by further limiting possible restrictions in an association's CC&Rs.

From the Legislative Counsel's Digest:

Fine Policies in HOAs - How to Be Reasonable and Follow California Law

Fines in HOAs

HOA Rules: Creating, Changing, and Repealing

HOAs create rules to address situations that are not regulated by the CC&Rs. This article explains the process to adopt or change a rule, as well as process that members must follow to repeal a rule.

Make HOA Rules Both Enforceable and Good

Rules Must Be Enforceable

What makes a rule enforceable? An enforceable rule meets the requirements of the law and governing documents. What makes an enforceable rule a good rule? A good rule meets the needs and requirements of the community. When writing rules, boards should make sure the rules are both enforceable and “good.” In general, courts recognize the following characteristics of enforceable rules. Even better, residents are more likely to accept and voluntarily comply with rules having the following characteristics.

17 Legal Rights of Homeowners Living in HOAs

Is there legal protection for homeowners? The answer is a resounding yes, and we can tell you why. Both board members and homeowners have a responsibility to know the rights of HOA membership, starting with the rules set forth by the Davis-Stirling Act.


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