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Tree Fungal Infections Caused by Drought

Trees contracting disease, fungus, and other parasitic infections are an unexpected side-effect of a drought. Weakened by a lack of water, trees become more susceptible to disease, making them prime candidates for rot. Find out the causes and types of tree fungus that may be causing your foliage to wither.

How to Decide Which Trees to Plant in Your Community

Everyone loves a lush, green landscape filled with beautiful, healthy trees. However, sometimes trees seem like more trouble than they are worth. Constant building clearance pruning, messy sidewalks, pavement damage, dying trees…how can this all be avoided?

Types of Tree Care Certifications and Why They Matter

Tree care companies come in a wide variety of sizes and skill levels, and choosing the right one for your project can be challenging. Should you go with the established, TCIA-affiliated tree care company? The Certified Arborist with a chipper and a small crew of Certified Tree Workers? The gal with the chainsaw and the pickup truck? All of these are easy to locate and easy to hire, but price isn’t the only thing that differentiates them from one another.

Tree Disputes in HOAs: What the Law Says

Trees are beautiful, but they can cause headaches for homeowners association residents and board members. Disputes related to view obstruction, mess, and property damage can all spark legal problems. Learn what California law has to say about trees in HOAs.

How to Protect Your Community's Trees from Uprooting

Winter weather often reveals negligent tree care, sometimes in the costly damage of a tree crashing to the ground. Learn how to protect your trees during the stormy months by identifying the different pruning techniques, structural damages, and decay that leads to a tree falling in your neighborhood. 

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