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2017 Legislation - AB 1412 - Volunteer Officers Liability & Address Disclosure

Authorizes a common interest development association, when an owner fails to provide a certain required notice, to use the last address provided in writing by the owner, except as specified.

Extends a certain limitation on personal liability to a volunteer officer or director of a development that is mixed use when the volunteer officer or volunteer director is a tenant of a residential separate interest or is an owner of no more than a certain number of separate interests.

The Painful Death of Volunteerism

Many communities, if not most communities, suffer from a lack of volunteers. People are busier than ever, and their time is precious. After a full day’s work, it seems like a real waste of that precious time to spend it at a stuporous Board or Committee meeting. The result is that year after year, Boards discover they can’t find anyone to take their place on the Board, or on one of their committees. The result: Communities end up being managed by a small group of the same folks for a very long time.

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