2015 Legislation - SB 419 - Mobile Home "For Sale" Signs

Bill Author: 
Sale Signs in Mobile Homes
Signed by Governor

Updated 7/6/15

What SB 419 Says

This bill would permit the use of yard-arm style “for sale” signs in mobile home parks, some of which are homeowners associations.

Full Summary of SB 419

From the Legislative Counsel's Digest:

The Mobilehome Residency Law governs tenancies in mobilehome parks. The law, among other things, sets forth certain rights and requirements for management and selling homeowners in connection with the sale of a mobilehome, including, but not limited to, authorizing sellers to display signs advertising the sale unless prohibited by park rules, requiring the signs to contain specified information and be of an H-frame or A-frame design, and requiring management, upon request, to provide a prospective homeowner with the information management will use to determine if the person will be acceptable as a homeowner in the park.
This bill would additionally authorize a seller to display a sign of a generally accepted yard-arm type design and require
management, upon written request, to provide the information and standards management will use to review a prospective homeowner to the prospective homeowner or seller in writing. The bill would also revise references to a homeowner or other person selling a mobilehome to instead refer to a “seller,” as defined.
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