2016 Legislation - AB 587 - Waiving Payment Penalties When Buying a Mobilehome

Bill Author: 
Nonpayments or Late Payments on Mobilehomes
Signed by Governor.

Updated 7/6/15

What AB 587 Says

Current law prohibits the State from issuing a new title to a mobilehome buyer when of any outstanding charges or liens exist as a result of the previous owner’s failure to pay certain fees and penalties, including the vehicle license fee. This bill would waive those fees and allow for the title transfer. ECHO supports this bill. 

Full Summary of AB 587

From the Legislative Counsel's Digest:

This bill would prohibit eviction from a mobilehome park for nonconformance with the registration and titling requirements of state law prior to January 1, 2017, or when an application to transfer title of a manufactured home or mobilehome pursuant to the above-described provisions is filed prior to January 1, 2019, and completed within one year of the filing date. The bill would provide that it is not unlawful under these conditions for a park owner to permit an applicant to transfer title who is not in compliance with the registration requirements of the department to occupy a manufactured home or mobilehome. The bill would also make related and conforming changes.