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SB 326 - Mandatory Balcony Inspections

Requirement for Inspections This bill would require the association of a condominium project to cause a reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of exterior elevated elements, defined as the load-bearing components and associated waterproofing systems, as specified, to determine...

Subject: Mandatory Balcony Inspections

Status: Passed Senate. In Assembly Housing.

Position: Support

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2011 Legislation: SB 563

Prohibits electronic meetings except for emergencies. Prohibits boards from taking action outside of a meeting, or from discussing items of business through email. Requires boards to provide agendas of executive sessions. Requires boards to give notice two days before an executive session. Permits notice by electronic means, with member consent.

Subject: Electronic Meetings

Status: Amended 7/5. In Sen Unfinished Business.

Position: Support

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2011 Legislation: SB 561

Would prohibit an association from assigning or pledging the association's right to collect payments or assessments to a 3rd party, or to contract with a 3rd party to collect delinquent payments or assessments, unless the 3rd party agrees to comply with the same requirements imposed on the association.

Subject: Third Party Collections

Status: In Asm Judiciary. Two-year bill.

Position: Oppose

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2011 Legislation: SB 209

Makes void and unenforceable any prohibition by an association that restricts the installation or use of an electric vehicle charging station. Requires homeowner to pay for all charges, damages, and electricity associated with installation, maintenance and use, and to maintain an umbrella liability coverage policy for one million dollars.

Subject: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Status: Passed Legislature. To Governor.

Position: Support

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2011 Legislation: SB 150

Would require associations to permit rentals by unit owners. Applies to governing document provision effective after January 1, 2012.

Subject: Rental and Lease Rights

Status: Signed by Governor.

Position: Support if Amended

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2011 Legislation: AB 818

Would establish "Renter's Right To Recycle Act."

Subject: Right to Recycle

Status: Amended 7/1. Sen Third Reading.

Position: Watch

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2011 Legislation: AB 771

Provides that the time frame and fee limitation for providing specified documents to an owner of a separate interest apply to an agent of the association. Allows an association to contract with a third party to provide the documents required during the sale of a unit. Requires an association to provide an estimate of fees to the seller.

Subject: Sale Disclosure Documents

Status: Amended 7/12. To Sen Consent Calendar.

Position: Neutral

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2011 Legislation: AB 579

Would permit the award of attorney's fees to local governments in an action brought by the owner of a mobilehome park to challenge the validity of a local ordinance.

Subject: Mobilehome Attorneys Fees

Status: In Asm Judiciary. Hearing cancelled.

Position: Support

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2011 Legislation: AB 20

Requires that an attorney make certain written disclosures to a client in a potential construction defects action. Failure to disclose would constitute cause for professional discipline.

Subject: Construction Defect Disclosure

Status: Failed passage in Asm Judiciary.

Position: Oppose

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2011 Legislation: AB 19

For new construction of multi-unit structures, including common interest developments, requires the installation of water sub-meters as a condition of new water service.

Subject: Submetering

Status: Amended 4/15. Failed passage in Asm Housing.

Position: Support if Amended

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